'Aim to go where you have never gone before.'

Our Placement Cell has been an integral part of Davar's development program as we had found that the demand for trained and experienced manpower was growing at an enormous rate.


Our Services

Our placement service at Davar's has been looking after the placement needs of our students in the business world for nearly four decades and with the help of a large data bank of our past students who are career conscious candidates with varied degrees of experience, Davar's Placements are in a position to ensure that organizations get the right choice of candidates. Our meticulous selection and short-listing process ensures quality manpower without the hassles of advertisements, screening, call letters, etc., connected with the process of employment. We enroll outside candidates as well, who are put through a spate of interviews and tests and only once they are found fit, are their resumes stored in our computerized data bank.



Director - Placements : Mrs. Roshan Khambatta,

Executive : Mrs. Margaret Figueira

Tel : 2204 1479, 2284 3506
Tel / Fax : 2285 3453
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