Prof. Sohrab Davar
"I would like to explore the invisible potential of Commerce and see it grow..."
Professor Sohrab Davar


In the Beginning of the last century; a young scholar, erudite writer and educationalist - Professor Sohrab Davar, had a dream of providing an exceptionally strong foundation of education dedicated solely to the commerce industry. He was brilliant in his foresight to realize the importance of trade and commerce & the technical knowledge required to put that extra edge to personal business acumen. Thus was laid the foundation stone of "DAVAR'S COLLEGE"; an educational institute that today flaunts a century of glorified history, with many present luminaries as its past students.

Founder Visionary

Dr. Nani Davar
"I believe in being first! Being different! Being daring!"
Dr Nani S. Davar


Following in his father's footsteps, Dr. Nani S. Davar, had the Vision and played a pioneering role in being the first to introduce Executive Secretarial Training in India. Keeping abreast with the changing times, the Executive Secretarial Training evolved with the latest business needs, thus grooming hundreds of successful Executive Secretaries assisting top management in several large corporations in India and abroad.

With the advent of Computers, the typewriters were eliminated and the latest computer packages were incorporated in the Executive Secretarial Studies. Computers and E studies have become the mainstay of Davar's Education System.

Today, Davar's is not just a College, but a Landmark amongst Career Education Institutions in India, providing aspiring Executives, Executive Assistants with internationally recognized level of education and training and giving the business community top talent.


Mrs Puran N. Davar
"Vocational education builds your future."
Mrs Puran N. Davar


Today as Principal of Davar's College Secretarial Studies & Services, Mrs.Puran Nani Davar plays an important role in furthering Executive Education. This enables her to provide training, development and unending work opportunities to students globally.