The Executive Personal Assistant plays a vital role in modern business operations. Working with management, he or she sees up-close important decisions made and my even participate in making them. The Executive Personal Assistant assists senior executives in planning and carrying out various transactions that affect the customers and employees. He/She must possess tact, initiative, discretion and a pleasing personality.

The Late Dr. Nani S. Davar - Ph.D., S.M. (MIT USA) F.C.A. F.I.C.S. (Lon.), Former Principal, is a respected name for devising various career oriented courses, which have led students to highly successful careers in blue chip companies, for more than 50 years.

Mrs. Puran N. Davar, M.A., Principal, has been involved in planning courses and training for over four decades.

Overall Objectives

To provide Corporates with competent Executive Personal Assistants to work along with management. The course aims at guiding new or potential Executive Personal Assistants through the difficult “breaking-in" period and placing them firmly on the path to being good Assistants. This will help up-skill the Executive Assistant, Secretary or Stenographer and provide competency in his/her performance.

Course Goals

  • To provide an opportunity to broaden the perspective and understand the total business process.
  • To improve overall ability in dealing with business situations.
  • To develop specific skills and techniques useful to an Executive Personal Assistant.
  • To build a composite personality who can take his/her useful place in the management and contribute to business efficiency.

What We Require from You

Candidates must be willing to work hard as this will be an intensive and exciting course with a challenge. A shorthand speed of at least 80 w.p.m. & typing speed of 40 w.p.m. is desirable. However, your work experience will also be considered.

Course Contents

Role of an Executive Personal Assistant
  • Pertaining to the duties and routing functions carried out by an Executive Personal Assistant in an office.

Inter-Personal Skills
  • The art of getting along with people.

Attitude and Motivation
Time, Team and Stress Management.
Customer Relationship Management
Simulated Training - Reaction Analysis
Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Logical thinking and Out of the Box thinking.

Business Ethics
  • Build your economic prosperity on pillars of good ethical practices which remain unshaken in adversity, Earn respect from Corporate Doyens whilst you are practicing ethics.

Intellectual Property
Personality Enrichment
  • Business and Social Etiquette. Presentation with an effort to build behaviour on Positive Thinking.

Dining Etiquette
Corporate Makeover
Presentation Skills
Interviewing Skills and Group Discussion
Telephone Etiquette
  • Attending to callers in a Professional Manner.
  • Operating Conference Calls through EPABX

Business Correspondence & Email Etiquette
  • Correctly formatting letters, Preparing Minutes, Report Writing

Business Communication and Vocabulary Building
  • Use of correct English increasing one's Vocabulary and Extempore Speaking.

Office Management
  • Business Terms for Office Communication, Commercial English, Banking, Insurance, Corporate Law and Administrative Skills.

Travel Arrangments
  • Planning an Itinerary, Visa Formalities, Preparing Trip Folder, Booking etc.

Filing and Records Management, Archiving on Computers.
Financial Accounting Software
Dance and It's Health Benefits by Shiamak Davar
Internet E-Mail
Electronic Exchange (EPABX)
Computer Skills (Optional)
  • Computer Basics
  • Windows
  • Word 2012
  • Excel 2012
  • Powerpoint 2012
  • Fee : 7,000
  • Course Fees + GST as Applicable GSTN No. 27AAAFD4687N1ZX

Course Details
  • Batches : Every month
  • Duration :
    • 3 months (Monday to Friday Batch) + 12 Sundays
    • 6 months (Sunday Batch)
  • Timings :
    • 09.30 a.m. to 10.15 a.m. (Weekdays)
    • 10.30 a.m. to 01.30 p.m. (Sundays)

Admission Procedure

Complete Application Form accompanied by three photographs.




Cash Fee :

` 28,250

Entrance Fee :

` 700


` 28,950

instalment Basis :


  • First lnstalment (including
    Entrance fee 0f Rs. 700/-)


  • Second instalment




PLUS GST as Applicable

Cheques payable to ‘Davar's College of Commerce, Secretarial Studies & Services". Fees once paid are not refundable under any circumstances.

In-Company Training Programs

Davar’s Corpexcel custom-makes in-house training programs at a special fee, which could be conducted either in-house or at our premises. Our contact is 22876231

Davar's Placement

Nani Davar's Placement and Development Service is available to all students who successfully complete this course, so that they are assured of making a start to an exciting career as an Executive Personal Assistants. We maintain a comprehensive Computerised Data Bank of the best job available in Mumbai. A professional team helps students in getting the right kind of job and in offering counsel throughout their career.

For direct contact with Placement Services, call 22041479 or 22843506 and ask for Mrs. Roshan Khambatta (Director).

Counselling By

  • Mrs. Puran N. Davar (PRINCIPAL)
  • Mrs. Silloo A. Chinigar (DIRECTOR - SECRETARIAL STUDIES)
  • Mrs. Lalitha Iyer(SENIOR EXECUTIVE)